Unreachable Voice

translation: Yuuhy    many thanks to machacreampuff for looking it over

At the scent of you whom I miss, and my feet abruptly stop.
Another year has passed, and I’m still searching for you.

I return home on the last train. The face reflected in the window pane is weary.
At the second station from Shinjuku, I disembark and leave through the ticket gates.
I ascend the stairs. As usual, the light from the convenience store is visible.
Even though there is no reason for me to be drawn to that light, I stop in.

I carelessly buy nothing but unnecessary things. You always got angry at me for it. I laugh at that and brush it off.
It’s painful remembering those exchanges…

Because we are weak humans, we cannot live alone.
I regret too late what I didn’t or couldn’t do.

I recognized these feelings for the first time when we separated. I’d taken being next to you for granted.
The cold wind blows. My winter has begun.

A song to deliver my love. Because I’m clumsy. Maybe I don’t convey it well, but
I want you to understand the meaning of this song, of these feelings that overflow.

A song that will reach you.
A love that will reach you.
Right now, I want to see you.
Right now, I want to see you… You…

Notes: As you may have noticed, it's not so much that the narrator's voice is unreachable as it is that his voice does not reach "you". Ah, well. Language is tough. Please feel free to contact me about any inaccuracies.

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